Glog from Hilton Head Island US Mar 30 2015

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Glog from Hilton Head Island US Mar 30 2015

Kings Canyon was established in March 4, I94O. The land of Kings Canyon is over IO million years old. The National Park is located South of Sierra Nevada Mountain and East of Fresno, California. Why was it made into a National Park?Kings Canyon was made into a National Park because of its varied landscape, its tall trees and other outdoor diversions.What are some of Kings Canyon Cultural Significance? The park was first settled to the Monache Indians. The Monaches' subsisted on a diet which included lots of acorns, they even used the acorns from the parks' trees to trade with other Indians in the Owens Valley. Many Explorers which were not really known explored the parks' forests and lakes in search of treasures they never found. Special Plants/ Animals that live in the park are... The Lodgepole Pinetree and the Red Fir, they can't really be seen because of the snow that covers it. Two animals that live there are the Black Bears and the Mule Dear.

Kings Canyon National Park

BY: Alejandra Martinez

Geology about the Kings Canyon:

Most of the mountains and canyons are formed from Granite rocks, they formed when molten rocks cooled far beneath the Earth's Surface. Kings Canyon is a wide Glacial Valley with tall cliffs, meandering river, green meadows and waterfalls. Four periods of glacial advance coated the mountains with thick ice.

Other Information about Kings Canyon:- Kings Canyon is North of and Contiguous with Sequoia National Park.- Kings Canyon covers 46I, 9OI acres.- It incorporated General Grant National Park to protect the General Grant Grove of Giant Sequoias.- John Muir's theory that the mountain valleys were formed by an earthquake action was proved correct, they were carved by massive glaciers during the last Ice Age.

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