Glog from Hamilton CA Sep 20 2015

by meanbunny
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Glog from Hamilton CA Sep 20 2015


Now selling more luxurious products than ever before!

At Starbucks, we promise to spend as much time as possible on EACH customer to ensure proper customer service!

Don't like coffee but still want to look cool? Most of our products actually contain no coffee!

Starbucks tastes so good that we could charge you $20 for a coffee and you would still want to buy it!

Join in and do what everybody else is doing, drinking our milkshakes for only $10!

Starbucks items are very nutritious, containing a maximum of only 700 calories, so drink happy!

Contact us at your small local coffee shop, found on every street anywhere you go!

Starbucks want to make sure that everybody can actually afford our products so we offer free water!

A REAL customer!<-

Want to know more about Starbucks? Contact any basic looking teenage girl!

A REAL customer!->



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