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Chemical Elements

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Glog from Guelph CA Apr 03 2015


What is Magnesium?




Magnesium is a metal element that belongs in the alkaline earth metals family. It is a very abundant material in earth’s crust and can be artificially created.

Magnesium was recognized as an element in 1755 by Joseph Black, but was isolated by Sir Humphry Davy using electrolysis. Beginning in 1833, Michael Faraday fused magnesium metal also by electrolysis with anhydrous and magnesium chloride so it could be produced in factories by the 1852.

How Mangnesium was Discovered

Near the end of a stars life when hydrogen becomes helium and is fused with carbon and oxygen magnesium is created while the star fuses carbon. Magnesium can also be created when a star fuses with the chemical element neon. After the star explodes the magnesium and other materials are released.

melting point : 650 degrees celsius.Boiling point: 1090 degrees celsiusAtomic number: 12 Symbol : MgDiscovered: In 1755 Structure: Crystal Atomic mass: 24.305 AMUNumber or neutron,protons,electron: 12

Basic Info

Others say it was discovered in 1618 by a farmer named Henry Wicker. He began to give his cows some water, they refused to drink it because of the bitter taste. The farmer was remarked when he noticed the water healed rashes,scratches and cuts. The water contained epson salts and magnesium sulphate.

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Magnesium is metal that is in found in all humans, it is crucial for energy productivity,bone development,oxidative phosphorylation,glycolysis,antioxidant glutathione and is a key factor for a synthesis of DNA and RNA . It is important you get a regular amount of magnesium, a lack of this element can result to different side effects.

Why is magnesium important

Foods with high levels of magnesium include leafy greens,nuts,whole grains and seeds

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