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Glog from Grand Blanc

Titanic Book One:Unsinkable

Paddy the main character is a poor homeless boy due to his dad being abusive. Paddy is a 14 year old male. Paddy is a curious, michevious,smart,kind,and nice young man, but he was always getting in trouble.

Facts about the Titanic-The Titanic set sale on April 10th, 1912.-Harland & Wolf shipbuilders built the Titanic.-The designer of the Titanic was Thomas Andrews.-There were 2,435 passengers on the Titanic. -The length of the Titanic was 883 feet.-Only 706 / 2,435 people survived the Titanic.-

The main conflict is that Paddy was a stowaway on the Titanic, so the police were trying to catch him while he recived help from crew members and his friends. But we'll Paddy was on the Titanic he discovered some secrets about the other passengers and crew members.

This book takes place in the past(April of 1912) where people were classified by how wealthy they were. The passengers on the Titanic were on there way from Southhamp-ton,England to New York, New York.The Titanic was a large boat with many luxuries such as a heated pool.

By: Gordon Korman

Another important event was when Daniel met Mr. Andrews and was talking about the Titanics design and discussing what could sink the Titanic.

One important event in the story was that Paddy's best friend Daniel was murdered by Kevin Gilhooley and his henchmen because Paddy and Daniel stole a money clip that was very expensive but they didn't know that it was the Gilhooley's money clip.

Also, one important event that took place was when Paddy overheard Alfie taking to his dad about how Alfie has to pretend to 16 otherwise he wouldn't be allowed to work for the Titanic.

"A message from the shipping lanes ahead, sir. Ice has been reported above forty-two degrees latitude." Mr.Phillips said as he notified the captain on his discovery.


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