Glog from Fort Totten US Sep 05 2015

by te8cher1
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Glog from Fort Totten US Sep 05 2015

1. can cause other disorders.2. No cure3. Classifications are Spasticity-stiffness or tendernous of musclesChoreoathetical- abrupt, involuntary movementsAtonic- no muscle tone

Spina Bifida

Seizure (Epilepsy)

Cerebral Palsy

Comparison of Nervous System Disorders

1. Occurs during fetal developement.2. Surgery required as soon as possible to close up opening. More surgeries later in life.3. Lack of body control.4. Different paralysis depending on the site of the defect.

1. Be conected to other disorders.2. reoccurrances can be from several minutes to once a year.3. Treatable with medicine.4. Seizures can be from mild to severe

All three have a lack of body functions and effect the signal to the brain.



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