[2017] Michelle Adkins: Glog from Ellenwood US Feb 05 2016

by BioErin
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[2017] Michelle Adkins: Glog from Ellenwood US Feb 05 2016

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Brucellosis, also known as Mediterranean fever,is a bacterial disease typically affecting cattle and buffalo and causing undulant fever in humans.

~If individuals are treated appropriately within the first few months, they are curable with antibiotics and usually don't develop chronic disease. there is no vaccine available for use in humans but because brucellosis is mainly in livestock, vaccines have been developed that are effective for cattle, sheep, and goats. ~avoiding known infected animals, never drinking unpasteurized milk, and, if associating with potentially infected animals, wearing gloves and/or a mask reduces the chances of infection.~The death rate is low; about 2%

~doctors may test you for brucellosis if you have flu like symptoms.Testing may includeblood cultureurine culturecerebrospinal fluid testing texting for antibodies of brucellosis~When treated appropriately, symptoms improve and are completely gone within two to six months ~doxycycline and rifampin are the recommended antibiotics, taken in combination, for a minimum of six to eight weeks to treat infected patients

-Can be contracted by eating or drinking unpasteurized or raw dairy products.-Early symptoms may include fever, fatigue, sweating, pain in the muscles and joints, pain in the back, and/or loss of appetite. Over time, the fevers may become recurrent, joint pain may worsen, and organ swelling may occur in the heart, testicles, liver and/or spleen.

~make sure livestock is good and healthy and give them the appropriate vaccination before letting people consume the products. Also making sure people know how to cook their meat so that it is not ingested raw~while consumers are purchasing the meat, they will be given instructions for that specific meat product on how to cook it to make sure it is healthy for consumption



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