supreme court appointment

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supreme court appointment

Supreme court appointment

factors to consider when choosing nominees

2. IDEOLEGYthe president will want to nominate someone with the same views as them. If not there will be many dispute issues among the executive and judicial branches.

3. MAJORITY OF SENATEEven though a nominee may meet both the above factors, the president must also take into consideration the majority of the senate's opinions on the nominee and how their opinions match up with those of the nominee. If the president doesn't factor this in while appointing members, there is a chance the nominee will never get appointed because the senate can simply just not confirm it.

1. QUALIFICATIONSThe president must take into consideration whether or not the nominee is a federal judge and who is experienced and just generally qualified for the position. Even if they do meet these qualifications, they may not even be willing to accept the position. This will become an issue because that will then leave the president with nominees who are the least worthy because the chances of having many nominees who meet the full qualifications AND accept the job are extremely slim.




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