Glog from Columbia US May 21 2016

by MikaylaEspitia13
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Glog from Columbia US May 21 2016

Running Fence

I do find interest in this artwork that Christo and Jean-Claude are doing as artists. They are trying to make people see places in a new way and inspire them to look at the world through different eyes. They inspire people to be different and think differently. Their work shows and moves with the land and or area they picked for each piece. They make their work stand out.

The aritsts affected the space with this piece of art work because it makes viewers see this area in a new way. It shows the way the wind blows and how the hills move. This art work would change with the wind and light and help show the way the area moved. The space was forced to be looked at differently and this long running fence helped show the topography of the land.

The artists changed the viewers way they saw this space because the white running fence stands out in this enviornent and shows every movement in the hills. It’s how their work moves and delights people not just critics, but the rank and file of every country that makes the projects so successful.

The artists affect the enviornent with their artistic expression by addressing expression in public ideas. They make the viewer see the area in a temporary new way.They used the natural surrounding like the hills, and the trees, and the sky. They have these surrounding elements create a sense of movement in this piece of art as well



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