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Glog from Chelmsford

The True Pan

Peter Pan and the lost boy represent Pan.

Pan is famous for playing his panpipes or syrinx.

The word panic comes from Pan.

His worship began in Arcadia.

He is the only Greek god to die.

The SyrinxPan had fallen in love with the water nymph Syrinx who deid not love him back. Everytime he saw her she would leave. One day she prayed to the gods for escape. But, got turned into reed. But, Pan had not known thsi and he had begun to make his pipe and cut up some reed he found by the sea. This reed was made of Syrinx. Which is why the syrinx go its name.

PowersSuperhuman Strength, resistance to injury, tranports between Earth and Olympus.SymbolsGoat horns and the panpipes.Forms

PanGod of the Wild,Nature, Flocks, Nature of Mountains and Companinon of Nymphs.He is true parents are unknown but bileved to be son of Hermes and Mathe, Dryops, Callisto, Onesis, Thybris or Penelope.Roman name: FaunusLatin: Inuss

A video from the Greek movie Enas Delikanis


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