[2016] Colin Hendershott: History of the Airplane

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[2016] Colin Hendershott: History of the Airplane


the first airplane was envinted by the wright brothers in december .17 1903.

the wright flyer 3 was claimed the first practial aircraft caapable of substaind flight and navigaton.

in the beginning of world war 1 they used the wright brothers desighn to fight by the end these aircraft had become much more advanced.

frank whittle was the first to register a petent for the turbo jet engine in 1930.

von ohain jet flew in 1939.

the history of


frank whittle jet flew in 1941.

july 7 1941 frank whittle recived a contract for his jet engine to be known as the w1.

today jets and airplanes are much more advanced they can go alot faster and alot higher but that would not be without the wright brothers,frank whittle and von ohain.

i got this iformaton from www.about.com

i got this informaton fromaton from www.wikipida.com



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