[2016] Analaura Tamez: History of Clocks

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[2016] Analaura Tamez: History of Clocks

100 to 328

329 to 520 B.C

The Age of Water clock.

521 to January 1st 1285

The Age of the candle clock.


The sun dial clock was made.

The Age of weight clock.

January 1st 1286 to January 1st 1338.

The Age of the hour glass clock.

January 1st 1339 to January 1st 1510

The Age of the spring-driven clock.

January 1st 1511 to January 1st 1630

The Age of the cuckoo clock.

The Age of the pendulum clock.

January 1st 1657 to January 1st 1927

January 1st 1938 to October 9th 2012

January 1st 1631 to January 1st 1656

The Age of the quartz clock.

October 9th 1950 to October 9th 2012

The Age of the atomic clock.

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