[2016] Yoon Lee: History of Eyeglasses

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[2016] Yoon Lee: History of Eyeglasses

history of eyeglasses By Yoon Lee :)

2. Around 1284 first wearable glasses were invented. It was invented in Italy, the inventor is unknown but Salvino D'Armate is credited for it.

1. Around 1000AD the first vison aid was made, it was called reading stone.But the inventor is unknown.

3. Around 1780 lorgnettes evolved from scissor spectacles.

5. In1830, a French manufactuer designed a hinged bridge with a spring which made it possible for the glasses to be folded.

6. 500 year later the first wearable glasses were born, spctacles without sides, which had an originally clamped on top of the nose, appeared again around 1840 as pince-nez.

7. 1940s CR-39 lenses were invented.

8. 2000s Digital lenses were made.

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4. In 1784 Benjamin Franklin invented the bifocals.



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