[2016] Jack Madigan: History of the Telephone

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[2016] Jack Madigan: History of the Telephone

About 150 years ago the first phone was smoke from fires as signals from one place to another.Personal.psu.eduApril 25,2016

The first telephone or telegraph was invented in 1830 by Alexander Graham Bell and Elisha Gary.Personal.psu.eduApril 25,2016

In 1973 They improved the phone even more so you could text and recieve text.Gizmag.comApril 28,2016

after that invention the phone that could call and text was being made every were newer and better.gizmag.comapril 28,2016

The rotary phone was created by Almond B. Strowger in 1889Cybertele.comApril 27,2016

In 1960 the phone improved to where all you had to do was push a few buttons.Gizmag.comApril 28,2016

In 1983 the first cellular phone was on a comercial being addvertised.???April 28,2016

in 2007 Apple made a phone that you could call and text on.gizmag.comapril 28,2016



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