Glog from Cambria Heights US Jun 22 2015

by AntoinetteG2
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Glog from Cambria Heights US Jun 22 2015

IntroductionOne of the things that we liked in 4th grade was reading. In reading we had many highlights and projects that were fun and enjoyable. For example, we had a glogster project on a state of choice. Also, we did an author skype visit and a glogster project biography. Those are some examples of what we did this year.

Helpful Tips - Make glogsters with fun, delighting pictures that will captive the reader - Use transation words in your writing - In state project, choose a landmark or well known place.- Support you main idea with text evidence.

What you will learn as a Fourth Grader - Writing more complex sentences - Metaphors, similes, and personification -Reading fluently - Picking just right books - Character traits ( External and internal)

Reading ProjectBy: Yeidy, Catherine, Andy, Ted, and Ronin

I Love Reading!

HighlightsThe highlights in our year were the biography unit, state project, and the author skype visit. We liked those things the best because we were curious to know about the people, landmarks, and places of our units.



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