Glog from Cambria Heights US Jun 05 2015

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Glog from Cambria Heights US Jun 05 2015

1752 - Elizabeth Pheobe Griscom was born.1758 - went to school.1764 - Gets her first job1773 - Gets married to John Ross1776 - John dies from injuries. Also visited by George Washington and asked to make the first flag. 1777- Marries Joseph Ashburn 1779- Daughter Aucilla born and dies1781-DaughterEliza Born1782- Josegph Ashburn Dies in Old Mill prison.1782- Marries John Claypoole.1785-Clarrisa is born.1817-John Claypoole dies1827-Betsy retires1836- Betsy ross dies.

Fun Facts

1.Betsy Ross’s full name is Elizabeth Phoebe Grimson Ross Ashburn Claypoole.2.There is a river named after Betsy Ross.3.People think that someone else made the first flag.4.Gave her upholstery business to her daughters.5.Her house became a tourist attraction.6.Learned how to sew from her aunt.7.Won prizes from her work.Got married three times.8.Had seven children.

Betsy RossBy Isabella Singleton

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The Early Life of Betsy RossBetsy had 8 siblings but two of them died very young because of yellow fever. She had lived in a very sick environment where people died from very bad illnesses. Betsy’s dad died from yellow fever when she was only 41.Betsy fell in love with sewing after her aunt taught her, her parents saw how much she loved then took her to a sewing school at the age of six. She one day got a sewing job with her sister because of her master skills that her sister’s boss saw when she brought Betsy in to see what her job was like.

The wonderful life of Betsy RossThe wonderful Betsy Ross was born on January 1st, 1752 as Elizabeth Phoebe Griscom the eighth child of seventeen children. Her family were quakers and her dad was a carpenter. Her family was fighting though brutal winters and terrible diseases (like yellow fever) but they still had time to sew everyday needs. She soon went to a sewing school when six and learned how to sew so that she could help her family. This lead her to making America's first flag.But she sadly died we think of her as the person who made the flag and a great person .


Betsy Ross's CarrerBetsy Ross sewed clothes, made furniture, and sewed flags for a living. She also had an upholstery business at a very young age. When visiting her sister's job Betsy would help sew but, her sister's boss didn’t know this until he ran into Betsy. He quickly gave her a job because of her wonderful skills even though she was only twelve years old. Betsy was prepared for the job because of all the things she sewed at her house for her family. She was also prepared because she went to a sewing school. When not at her job Betsy would sew with her aunt or just by herself and she soon made the first flag. I know this because she said “ Don’t mind me me i’m just sitting here sewing together the flag you’ll fly for the next 200+ years.” This tells me that she spent a lot of time on the first flag.

Betsy Ross's Amazing AccomplishmentsBetsy Ross is famous for making the first flag. The flag was shared with the public 50 years after her death by her grandson William Canby who said “ This lady is the one to whom belongs to honor of having made with her own hands the first flag.” This tells me that he looked up to his grandmother because he made this quote about his grandmother and made speeches about her too.

Betsy Ross Impacted OthersBetsy Ross impacted many people's lives. She showed bravery, she showed this by stay at her house while others were fleeing to safety from the war. She was also brave enough to fight with the first president of the United States Of America. She showed confidence, she showed this by not giving up when all three of husband died and when her first and third child died. Most importantly she didn’t give up! Betsy impacted my life by telling me to following her dreams and not letting people push me around. Betsy Ross influenced the world in a positive way. She did this by not just sitting at home but by making america's first flag and taking action. I know this because Kiki Smith said “ I like Betsy Ross as a model..” This tells me that other people also think that she is a good role model.



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