[2015] KaelynYMMS: Glog from Brownsville US Apr 27 2016

by yourteach
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[2015] KaelynYMMS: Glog from Brownsville US Apr 27 2016

*PROBLEM*There was a problem with people's skin color. Nothing was fair. Everyone had to go to different places, and some were'nt even allowed to be in a place. *SOLUTION*Marthin Luther King Jr stopped that. He stopped all of that so everyone could be treated fairly. He stopped the segregation and made everything fair.

*CAUSE* Schools were segregated.Marthin was a very smart student. *EFFECT*African American students where not able to attend school with white girls or boys. He was able to attend college when he was only fifteen.

*SEQUENCE* Ann M. Martin was born in New Jersey, her father read stories to hr, he also liked to write them. As Ann was growing, the more she liked to write, she published her stories an officialy became an author. After writing books, she started a series called, '' The Baby-Sitters Club.'' She became very famous over the years.

*COMPARE* & *CONTRAST*UFC and MMA. MMA had a lot UFC had no of types ofrules when it fightings thats first started. the same as And MMA did UFC.have rules.




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