Glog from Bogotá CO Aug 20 2015

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Glog from Bogotá CO Aug 20 2015

silence on the lake

drugs, bands and more.

Eden Lake

silence on the lake

Since my interest credits deflated them, because I did not expect anything other than the classic manic torturing ordinary people who have to become like monsters to get out alive, or die trying. And indeed, the story does not vary much from that argument well known.

Covering imagery, themes and symbols.

Ya bride and groom choose to spend time together in a resting place in the woods lejano.Stephen lived good moments of his childhood, according to the purpose of the trip it was to propose matriminio jenny.While our couple camping on the banks of the lake, are altered and attacked by a gang of kids led by a man named Brett.  I was a guy who liked drugs and send to others throughout the movie it is that this boy llebado by vice makes some atrosidades this couple as kills stiven and attacks his "friends". This leads to jenny has to escape from the forest because the wanted also kill because they believe she will tell the police.the end of all jenny dies and dies stiven left alive brettfinish



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