Glog from Balmoral AU Sep 10 2015

by breeza2
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Glog from Balmoral AU Sep 10 2015


Physical-definition- to fight or condent; do battle.'watch it!' Lockie accidentally knocks into the skateboarder.'Have you heard the news? Lockie and Vicki are off. There was a fight and Lockie was flogged by a 17 year-old bog.''She kisses him.'

Inner-conflict-definition- psychological struggle within the mind of a literary or dramatic character, the resolution of which creates the plot's suspense.'Lockie attempts speech but nothing comes out.''In the swamp''Dunno-I reckon it's lousy.'

Interpersonal-definiton-occurs when a person or group of people frustrates or interferes with another person's efforts at achieving a goal. 'i suppose you know all about sex then''Think your better than us, eh?''SIRRRR! I said SIRRRGH! Right!''Hello, Rubberhead''You haven't wet the bed again?''you believe in all that stuff?'

By Brianna Graham



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