Glog from Avondale US Oct 05 2015

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Human Anatomy

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Glog from Avondale US Oct 05 2015

Fear and Amygdala

The brain is often broken up into four areas or lobes. Inside the Temporal Lobe lay two small nucleaus known as amygdala.

However, the amygdala is also part of the Limbic System, This system is home to emotions, behavior, motivation, and long term memory.

The amygdala helps the body in determining emotions, memory and decision making. It does so by proccessing information received by the human senses. Most studies to understand how the amygdala works have been done by using fear as it is the number one emotion processed by it.

For example, if a citizen is in a big crowd and starts to hear gun shots, the amygdala will process this sound and recall the memories associated with it which results in fear. Our body would respond by increasing heart rate, dilating pupils, or going into shock/freezing. The decision making in a scenerio like this might be to run, duck, etc. In this scenerio the amygdala processed memories, emotions, and decision making.

There are neurons inside the amygdala responsible for storing fear. When we encounter scary experiences memories are created (same goes for other emotions, but remember I am using fear as the prime example). If we witness anything fearful the amygdala highlights our fearful memories.



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