[2014] jackson reid (5/6 Purdue): John & Elizabeth Macarthur

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[2014] jackson reid (5/6 Purdue): John & Elizabeth Macarthur

JOHN,John Macarthur was born on the 3rd of September,1767 at Stoke Dameral,England. His parents were Catherine and Alexanda Macarthur, he was one of fourteen children.He was signed up to the army at the age of fifteen,but was dissmissed the next year because the American War Of Independence had ended and England didn't need as many soldiers. In 1788 John got married to Elizabeth Veale.He rejoined another army regiment the next year set in Gibraltar,after he joined the regiment he was sent to NSW as a leutenant. He died at Cambden Park in 1834.Elizabeth,Elizabeth Veale was born on the 14th of August,1766 in Devon. She was the daughter of Richard and Grace Veale. She was married to John and took on his last name, Macarthur. When John was exiled Elizabeth had to run the Elizabeth Farm for nine years ,she did this extremely well and had a university named after her.She died on the 19th of February,1850 in NSW Australia.

1766-Elizabeth was born1767- John was born1782- John signed up to the army1783, John was dissmissed from the army1788- John & Elizabeth got married1793-John was granted 100acres of land1796-John purchased his 1st merino sheep1803-their flock was reaching numbers of 4 0001801-John was court marshialed for being involved in a duel1808-John got involved in the Rum Rebellion and was exiled away from NSW1817-John returns from england1834-John died at Cambden Park1850- Elizabeth died in NSW

-Elizabeth had a university named after her, Elizabeth Macarthur Agricultural Institute-John and Elizabeth founded the sheep industry in Australia with their flock reaching numbers of 4000+ merino sheep-John was the first person to make and commercially sell wine in Australia-


John & Elizabeth Macarthur


Shaping the Nation

The Rum Rebellion was when rum was used as currency, John Macarthur was involved in this.When govenernor Bligh was trying to stop the trading of rum he was overun by a mob of angry people. John was exiled away from Australia for nine years because he was involved, this time he quit the army to avoid being court marshialed again.


Rum Rebellion

Elizabeth Farm


Their Lives

The Elizabeth Farm is around the area of Parramatta and was named after Elizabeth Macarthur.It has a massive area of about four to five hundred acres and has streams on three sides supplying the farm with fresh water. One hundred and twenty acres were filled with wheat and the gardens were full of fruit and vegetables.


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