Glog from Ankara TR Jun 02 2015

by Ridvanekc
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Glog from Ankara TR Jun 02 2015

The world's most famous structures ANITKABIR (Memorial Tomb)

Anıtkabir was started 9th november 1944, it was completed in 1945.

Anıtkabir contains three partfirst lion road : there are 24 lion statues in sitting position ceremony are: anıtkabir has ceremony area. second Ceremony area located at the end lion road. It has a capacity of 15.000 third mausoleum

It was designed by architects professor Emin Onat and asistant professor Ahmet Orhan Arda

Anıtkabir has nine towers; these are tower of peace, tower of independence, Tower of revolution, tower of liberty, tower of republic, tower of april 23, tower of national pact, tower of mehmetcik, tower of defence of right



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