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Social Studies
American History

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The public goal was built in the year of 1701. The first goaler was John Redwood. Most of the people in the goal were waiting for a trial down at the courts of Williamsburg. In 1711 the debtors cells were added. The person in debt had to also pay for his incarceration. It also was a military prison. The goal was the only place in Williamsburg to have indoor plumbing. The last jailer, Peter Pelham. Served the jail from 1771 to 1779. He was the organist of the Bruton Parish church and had one of the people in jail come with him and help him with the organs. The goal was used until 1911 when it was torn down. The people in jail would get a blanket and and Indian meal with salted beef.

Tools of the Trade

1703-1709 John Redwood1709-1709 John Ince1709-1720 John Brodnax1720-1727 James Sheilds1727-1731 John Carter1732-1739 No Goalers1740-1745 John Mundell1745-1752 William Wyatt1752-1752 John Lane1753-1759 Thomas Penman1759-1760 Samuel Galt1761 James Galt1766-1771 Edward Westmore1771-1779 Peter Pelham

The tools the goaler used were simple. They used keys, guns, stocks, and cuffs.They keys were for the locks to hold the criminals in jail and for the doors and stocks. The gun was used to incapacitate criminals who tried to run away or attack the goaler. The cuffs were to hold the criminals, much like todays handcuffs.

Things the Goaler Does

The gaoler had to protect the people and catch the runaway slaves. After he caught the slaves, he would put an ad in the Williamsburg newspaper asking anybody if they knew who owned the slave. If there was an adulterer or thief, they would be branded an A for adulterer, or T for a thief. This happened after they were convicted though.


Williamsburg Jail: Goal: and Unusual:


All of The Goalers

How to Become the Goaler

If you wanted to become the gaoler, you would have to train with the current one. However, you still had to be appointed by the government to be the goaler. It was like becoming a police officer today It was great honor to be a goaler, but it was dangerous.

The Public Goal


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