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Ancient History

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Glog for History

The Ancient Egyptian Empire ruled for over 3000 years. In that time there were 30 different dynasties and 170 individual gods for both the Upper and Lower Egyptian Kingdoms. The Egyptian people were very powerful and were very smart and used it to there advantage. They have lasted the longest than any other civilization in the whole world. From architectures, to agriculture, to transportation on boats they somehow made it through 3000 years plus some because of the way they lived and thought. They lived off the Nile River and thrived as a civilization. The Nile river expanded there land for living, transportation, and agriculture. They gained much wealth and everything became more elaborate with everthing they did.

Some of the biggest accomplishments of the Ancient Egyptian Empire are making the periods. They have made many other great things to contribute in their society. The people had made trade, agriculture, and writing systems, and thrived off of those resources. The Egyptians were a very strong civilization and ruled for over 3000 years. This was a thriving community that had a big impact on the future years to come.

Egypts architecture gave todays architects inspiration for some of the buildings found around the world today. The technologies that they had made are still being used today and have been improved.

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