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glog- Can't Get There From Here

Can't Get There From Here

Todd Strasser198 Pages

There are many characters in this book , and I found myself forgetting the character traits of each. I decided to take notes on each of the characters in the Asphalt Tribe to better understand and visualize them.

Maybe - The main character and narrorator. After focusing on this character for awhile, I determined that Maybe is a female. I am still not certain of her ethnicity, but she speaks of having a skin disorder that leaves her with patches of dark and light skin.

2Moro - A 15 year old girl with HIV. Takes medicine she gets from the clinic daily to prevent the HIV from going into AIDS.

Jewel - A cross dressing young male. At times I was not sure if he was just acting, or if he had a mental illness that made him a little crazy.

Maggot - young male in the group that sells fake drugs to make enough money to buy needed items for the members in the group.

Rainbow - takes medicine she gets from the clinic for her ADD, OCD and bipolarness. She also gets caught up in selling herself for money.

Tears - The youngest and newest member of the Asphalt Tribe, about 12-13 years old.She left home because her mother did not believe her step-father was abusing her. She is learning the ropes of being street wise.

OG - Is the oldest male of the Asphalt Tribe, and as such acts is the most street wise one and leades in finding shelter and warmth for the others. He has some type of illness that causes him to caugh consistenly and at times to caugh up blood.

I found myself becoming attached to the characters as the story unfolded. It gave me an interesting look into a subculture that I was not familiar with. An enjoyable book with a life lesson.

"Nobody survived on the street for long. There was nothing fun or cool about being cold and dirty and sick. Nothing glamorous about begging or being hungry or sleeping in a nest of garbage."- Maybe -

"Hunger was just one more sensation. Like shivering. And dizziness. And itching. And knowing you were nothing."- Maybe -



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