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glog by braxton

January 25, 1849 DesMoines, IowaWe are going to leave for califonia tomarrow. Pa says we'll get rich by mining gold. Many men from my town have left their job to go to california. I hope we make it there. January 30, 1849 Lincoln, Nebraska We left for califonia we brought a pick axe, gold pan, shovel, and water. We've been gone for five days now and we've gotton to Nebraska. We plan to reach California on February, 28. We brought food like fish, cheese, and beef. February 12, 1849 Loveland, ColoradoPa says we are getting close witch is good because my feet are startin to hurt. We should be there by the 28th and then we can rest. Pa and I were very hungry today so we had to eat most of our beef. Our food suply is runing low. Pa says it will last us till California and then we can buy more food. February 20, 1849 Las Vegas, Nevada Today Pa and I had to skip meals because our food supply is scarce. Pa said we might starve if we don't get some food soon. All we have of our food is half of a fish and that might get old before we can get close enough to eat it. We saw alot of other people on the trail. Many of them were sick from coming so far. I have a cold and Pa has a fever. February 24, 1849 CaliforniaWe are very close last night pa and I ate with the Dells. They have a dad, a mom and one son just like our family. They told us stories about thier family and it turned out they live in DesMoines also. My mom stayed back in Iowa and she'll be there when we get back. I'm happy because Pa says we're about two or three days from California. Last night I played my hormonica and pa played his guitar to entertain the Dells. February 27, 1849 CaliforniaWe're there finaly I'm so happy and it was good timeing to because all I had left for clothes were my brogans, pants and shirt. Last night I was about to cry until we saw the lights of Califonia. Well I hope we find gold and "strike it rich".adnsllsslmembme


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