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Glog-angel 1254

Welcome to my beatiful life. Below you will see a picture from April 30,2010 when my youngest was born. Her name is Mikaela. We had been up all night. In the background is my tired husband David. The blondie is Luella (now 4) and the curly sue is Karen 2. Up above to the right is my ten year old son Jadon. Like most pre-teens he thinks the world revolves around him. I still love him to pieces. He has ADHD mixed with post tramtic stress sydrome. Along with handling him and learning new ways to help him, my youngest just got out of the hospital for a siezure. ( She is now 5 months old) We will be going to see a specialist to find out why she has had seizures and what to do about it. My husband is disabled and can not work so he a stay at home dad.I work full time as a certified nurses aid in a local hospital. I have been doing this work for seven years and feel that there need to be changes in the way we as a society take care of our elders. So I went back to school to earn my degree in health administration so I can be a leader not a follower. My goal is to run my own nursing home. I want to change the way we take care of the elders, starting with more respect.


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