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glog ancient egypt

Learn all about my Mummy

Learn all about the pyramids

1. Put the arrow over a speech bubble or picture. 2. You will see a pink circle. 3.Click onto the circle. It will take you to a web site.4. Read and learn about Ancient Egypt!

Ancient Egypt

Answer these 8 questions on paper 1. Name the "Wonder of the Ancient World" that still survives.2. How many of the 8 pryaminds at Giza belonged to kings? Queens?3. What was the ancient capital called?What is the Greek name for it?4. What is a necropolis?5. Where did wild camels originally come from?6. What 3 animals evolved from wild camels in South America? 7. What did you like best about reading about Ancient Egypt?8. Would you like to travel to Egypt? Why/why not?


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