Glog about me...Trisha Furrie

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Glog about me...Trisha Furrie

Glog about Trisha

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Betty Crocker wants to fix cars: An examination into the disparity of females in male dominated CTE classes


My Personal Life

Learning Journey for Fall 2015Craziness is all I can say. This is the only semester I didn't coach yet it was my most stressful semester due to other personal issues. I am glad this semester is almost over, yet I still have to turn in my proposal !!! Since I am on that dreaded topic, I still have a lot of work to do on my first three chapters and I am still looking for a survey. The books that I enjoyed the most, which fed into discussions early in the semester were "Good to Great", "School Culture Rewired", and "MIndset". The one picture, the one with the horrible looking stick people, is a reference to our discussion on the mindsets that are present in our schools. Lastly, much of what we talked about in class kept reminding me of Ken Robinson's video, "Changing Education Paradigm". Change has been an everpresent topic throughout all of our coursework, with the intention that we will help bring about positive change in education.


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