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Salt Crystals

By Noel Wright

The purpose of this project is to see how salt crystals grow.WHAT ARE CRYSTALS: Crystals are mineals that have had time to grow in to a shape.Crystals can from in a few minutes or take thousand of years to grow.Most of your earth crystals were formed millions of years ago.Crystals are formed when the liquid rock from inside the earth get cold and then hard.HOW DO CRYSTALS GROW:Salt crystals grow by the water evaporating and the crystals are formed.

TABLE SALT/ SALT CRYSTALS:Table salt are very tiny cubes, that are rough to touch. Salt crystals look like icicles and it is smooth to touch. Salt crystals break easily.HYPOTHESIS:I do not think that the crystals will grow because I had to put lots of salt in the jar.

EXPERIMENT:1. I got a jar, marker, piece of pipe cleaner epson salt and water.2. I had my mom boil some water and I stirred in the salt.3. I hung the pipe cleaner on the marker and put in the jar of sat water4. I watch it grow


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