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Goals:*Promote Weight Loss*Increase Physical Activity*Reward Positive Choices*Build Location/School/Team Spirit

LPE's WellnessContact:Melinda LuceExt. 241

Sign Up by Aug. 31st

First Weigh in is the week of Sept. 4th.

RestaurantsDo's and Dont's

SBHC Fall Wellness Challenge

SBHC Wellness Page

Food and snacks that keep you going!

Dates to Remember!!

Final Weigh in is the week of Jan. 7th.

The Rewards

Need 15 member teams

Initial and final weigh in with Winona

Individual winners : Kindle Fire

2nd place location: Raffle 3 i-Pad

3rd place location: Raffle 1 i-Pad

1st place location: Raffle 5 i-Pad


Check here for more details!

How to keep track of your weigh loss and exercise points?Click Here!!!


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