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''I was coming across the teacher's parking lot when I heard a low, wooshing sound, like a bottle rocket or something.''p.95 '' There were two more barely audiblewooses as I flipped and somersaulted along thee asphalt between two parked cars, trying not to be hit.''p.95

I would run away as fast as possable from the alliens who are tiring to kill me. Daniel stayed and fought the alliens. Good thing the guy that that shot the rocket luancher didn't hit the car.

Daniel's JournalI am about to leave the school premisis,when a rocket shot and barly missed me. I did everything to doge the rockets. I hid behind a car and created willy. He broke into a car and told me to find what color the car's ignition wires were. I told him pink and the car was running. I'm going to find out who was shooting at me.

Chapter 33


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