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horse equipment Bandages- Wrappings for horses legsBlinkers- Headpiece or blinders restricting side vision of horseBute- Medication used to kill pain in horsesCaulks- Metal cleats on horse shoes

PeopleBug Rider- An apprentice jockeyClocker- a person who times the workoutsJockey- the person who rides the horseLeg up- a trainer who helps the jockey upOutrider- a person to keep the horses from acting up

Horses Filly- A female horse four years old or youngerGelding- A castrated male horseMaiden- A horse which has never won a raceMare- Female horse five years old or older

Horse Racing

A jockey has to be between the hieght of 4 10" and 5 8". they go throw training to become a jockey to ride a horse that is 17 hands tall and wieghs 1500 to 2000 pounds. The horses are domesticated for racing and riding. on race day the horse will warm up for the race with the jockey. after the warm up they line uo in the padock for saddling. the horse will run anywhere ffrom half a mile to a mile and a half. people wil bet on horses for certin distances and odds at the end of the race the horses pass the finish a photo is taken to judge the wnner of the race. the winner enters the winners circle to get a picture taken with the hole team of people who worked the horse.

Joey Hillam

There ar tons of differnt types of horse races but the goal is to cross the finish first. the earlest form of horse racing was the charrot races in roman times of the years horse racing has developed into a sport.

jockey's equipment colors- the shirt or cap worn by jockeys crop- Jockey's whipTack- A rider's racing equipment helmet, chest piece, racing goggles boots, racing pants and gloves



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