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Most electric ovens cook by radiation; a heated element radiates heat which in turn cook the food. Some ovens radiate heat from the top, while others use heat sources from top & bottom.

However a toaster-oven also uses convection to improve the efficiency of the cooking process & to distribute heat more effectively throughout the oven. Convection is all about circulating hot air. Using two heat transfer processes speeds up the cooking process, helping to cook food much more evenly and consistently. By circulating air, heat is distributed evenly throughout the oven helping to cook that perfect pastry, or to ensure that heat penetrates food more quickly. This is very important when cooking chicken for example, when undercooking can pose a serious health risk.

Another way to reduce heat transfer from conduction of heat energy is to use Cool Touch Oven Rack Guards, to ensure that you do not get burnt by the hot metal racks.

Have you wandered how a toaster-oven gets heated up?

Ever got burnt by touching the hot metal racks in your toaster-oven after baking your favourite chicken pie pastry? Well, good news! There is a new way you can pull out the racks without being burnt!

1. Radiation

2. Convection

Reducing heat transfer


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