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We got here by using mutiple spaceships with atomic powered rockets.

Earth 2.0

Earth 2.0 is almost finished!Progress is being made! We must wait at least a year before we can move to the new planet. We must let the land and plants & trees time to grow. The planet will definetly be able to sustain life. Make sure you take your luggage!

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Planting crops is difficult because of the lack of land. We are taking buckets of water and pouring them through a number of filters to clean it.

The average temperature is 80 degrees Farenheit. There is no rain because the extra gasses prevent evaporation. We think it may rain in Winter because most gasses disappear, letting evaporation happen. Right now we don't know how this is possible.

We are living on a ocean planet that is all oceans, but process of making land is being made. Under the surface of about 100 feet deep water is solid rock. Earth 2.0 is 5,000 light years

Obviously, the houses aren't already made, but we are digging up rocks and making big domes that hold up to 30 people. The weaker gravity lets us stack the rocks higher and make floors.

away from he oiginal sun, but there is a similar sun-like star which we named PS256 (planet sun 256) orbiting Earth 2.0. The gravity is weak, but changes are being made.

Plants are already growin, and Obviously, the planet already has water, but it must be clean before use. There is no animals here as far as we know, but some colonists think they have mysterious animals lurking around the area.

Earth 2.0's atmosphere has similar gases like Earth's. That is partly the reason why we chose this lanet.

football, soccer, and basketball will be fun because of weak gravity.We will take submissions on new sports you want to make for this reason.



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