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The mission and goals of the N.C. State Board of Education Every public school student will graduate from high school, globally competitive for work and postsecondary education, and prepared for life in the 21st century. Goal 1: NC public schools will produce globally competitive students.Goal 2: NC public schools will be led by 21st century professionals.Goal 3: NC public school students will be healthy and responsible.Goal 4: Leadership will guide innovation in NC public schools.Goal 5: NC public schools will be governed and supported by 21st century systems.

We are desperate for your help!One thing that we HAVE to do in both the assessment and the differentiated curriculum course is to ensure that our Barton students can take a class of classroom data and use it to make educational decisions for grouping, meeting individual needs, and even for selecting resources.

Public School TeachersProfessional TeachersDetailed checklist - McRel Rubric - with categories of Developing, Proficient, Accomplished, & Distinguished and Not DemonstratedTeacher provides artifacts as needed to document proficiency in each standard on the McRel rubricProficient on all 5 Standards required for Standard Professional 2 License

Pre-service TeachersCertification of Capacity Checklist – Modified from McRel RubricRubric – with categories of Emergent, Developing, Proficient, & Accomplished Candidate, and Not DemonstratedCandidate submits electronic portfolio to document proficiency in each standard on the McRel rubricPortfolio consists of 6 to 8 entries designed to demonstrate all standardsProficient on each element of all 5

Hello,Welcome to the 21st Century! It is obvious to me that our culture is changing, our students are changing and our schools must change. We need updating and a whole new look! We will have to be open minded, resilient and smart in order to embrace change and to become a positive force!

Changed CoursesDeleted Foundations of Education and merged that content into other courses

Old outdated courses have to GO!Barton examined courses, looked at the new teacher standards, thought about 21st Century readiness and revisioned our program!

A Call for ActionInstitutions are required to submit to the State Board of Education by July 1, 2009 “blueprints” of their proposed programs that have been revisioned to meet the new standards for teachers adopted by the Board in June 2007 and the new specialty area standards adopted by the Board in Fall 2008.

Revaluated course content and updated itEd Psy is now Learners and Learning in the 21st Century! Curriculm course is updated and we even added a DIFFERENTIATED CURRICULUM course!

We are desperate for ASSESSMENT DATA FROM CLASSROOM TEACHERSPlease tell us that you have some sets of data we can have. We need data from the beginning, middle and end of the year and we also need formative and summative test scores

Thanks for taking the time to fill out the sheets on your table. We appreciate the strong partnership we share!

Students will now have an extensive portfolio to complete in order to show proficiency in all standards


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