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At the end of the day everyone is human... it does not matter where u come from.

Here are some statistics of the poverty in Honduras:Statistics Total population (million), 2003: 7.0 Population density (people per km2), 2003: 289.0 Number of rural poor (million), (approximate) 2003: 1.6 Rural population below the poverty line (%) 51.0 GNI per capita (US$), 2003: 970.0 Population living below US$1 a day (%), 1999: 20.7 Population living below US$2 a day (%), 1999: 44.0 Population living below the national poverty line (%), 1993: 53.0 Share of poorest 20% in national income or consumption (%), 1999: 2.7 Source: World Bank poster yourself



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