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Adventures of Tom SawyerCharacters:Tom SawyerHuck FinnJoeInjun JoeAunt Polly

Quick Summary:Tom is a boy who is care free, does not listen, and is rude. Only his Aunt Polly believes in him. He and his three friends ran away to a near by island. They came back and started looking for a treasure they heard of while sneaking around. They did not find the treasure. Later on Tom got lost in the cave with a girl and the owner of the treasure wasstuck in there too.After they got out Tom went back in there and found the treasure in the cave. THE END

Recipe :1 cup of love1/2 cup of evil3/4 cup of strength1 teaspoon of friendship3 1/2 cups of belief

A story about:FriendshipLove Greed

Mark Twain wrote this because:He wanted to describe life of a young boy.To show how people were during slavery.A story about friends and family becoming closer.To show a young boy learning to grow up.Also to teach young kids a lesson about life.

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