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Particulate Model of Matter

Matter is made up of small discrete particles which are in a constant and random motion using the particulate model.

e.g. (Water pollen grains in water)-Through the microscope,pollen grains that suspended in water were moving constantly and randomly in no specific direction.The constant and random motion is called Brownian motion.This motion is due to the water grains in water were bombarded all around by the water particles,which were themselves moving constantly and randomly.

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Three states of matter




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- Temperature and pressure can affect the physical state of matter - A change in the physical state of matter involves a change in the arrangement and movement of the particles.The particles do not change their size or shape during a change in state

Melting and boiling- When a solid is heated, its particles gain energy and vibrate faster- When the particles gain sufficient energy,the strong attractive forces which hold them together are no longer strong enough to hold them in fixed positions.- The particles break apart in small groups and move further apart.

freezing- Freezing a particle involves removing energy, and when energy is removed the molecules in the water slow their vibrations. So Basically the particles slow down because the freezing or the water has drained a sufficient amount of kinetic and potential energy.

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Condensation - When a gas loses heat, it changes into liquid

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