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Digestive Organs

Small Intestine: location of some chemical digestion and absorption of nutrients.

Stomach: site of further chemical and physical digestion. Muscles churn material.HCL, protease, CCK, gastrin and secretin each break down specific food molecules.

Esophagus: passageway for food. Peristaltic contractions push food bolus to stomach.

Mouth: begins the process of physical and chemical digestion through ingestion and mastication.The teeth cut, grind, and crush food. The tongue moves the food and mixes it with saliva.Salivary amylase starts startch digestion in the mouth.

Large Intestine: location of absorption of water and clear solid wastes from body.

Pancreas: secretes insulin and glucagon to digest sugars and control sugar levels in the blood.

Liver: secretes acids, glyceride, and bile salts to digest fats and RBCs. It also filters and detoxifies blood and stores toxic materials.


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