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Green Tree Frog 'Hyla Cinerea'

Their habitat is a swamp, the borders of lakes and bayous, or in bushes and trees near water.

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Their appearance can range in color from bright, leaf green to olive green. they have a yellow to white stripe running from their jaw to their hips . A tree frogs size is between 1and ¾ inches up to 2 and a ½ inches,.Their little feet have suction pads on their toes to help them attach to surfaces.

At night they can be found sticking to windows and trees preying on insects such as moths, crickets, flies, and other small insects.

Special Facts about theGreen Tree Frog:* Kermit the frog was modeled after the green tree frog* It is the Louisiana and Georgia state amphibian* They can be kept as pets* It is called the rain frog because of its tendencies to call just before and during the rainCan leap 8-10 feet

The tree frogs enemies are snakes, bats, larger frogs, and hungry mammals such as raccoons.

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