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Check it out! A new type of newsletter! have fun with your glog accounts!

- perform for parents on Wed.- 3-5 performance tomorrow!PRACTICE!!!!

Hey guys. Its that time of the week. I am writing to you about what I excpect from you.I want you to turn in ALL of your work.I want nice wordsNice actionsYou know all the other things that I need from you.One more thing to add to that list is that you need to use a sheet of paper to show your work and it needs to be neat. I will not be at school on Thursday so I excprct what I wont in my box and what I need in my box. You also need a good report.

Do you see this. This is what you do when you mess up! Use your eraser!!

Guess what. from now on your journal notebook is ONLY for notes! You can use it when you want. If you use the journal when you arent told tell me and if I think its enough you can use it when no body else uses anything! So use use use your journal! So I hope that your classmates do read this. (In your eyes I guess that you could say that you couldnt read this.) i'll see you later!:)


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