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Glog-9079 Genre Glog



*Writing that explains real things about life *Tells about real people and events *A variety of topics *Real life problems and situations *Contains facts

*The story is not true, but the facts in the story are. *Usually takes place during a war or time with major crisis. *Explains how people lived, acted, and dressed. *Accurate description of time and place. *Usually involves major conflicts.

*A story that could happen but never did *Based on real life problems and situations *Has believable characters *No magic or make-believe involved *Could be a sports story, romance, friendship, ect.

Realistic Fiction

Historical Fiction

*Adventurous *Imaginative and creative *Takes place in another place and time (future) *Involves aliens or unreal creatures *Technology is very advanced *Outer space and planets are the setting

Science Fiction

HOTS Questions:*Why do you think the author of Number the Stars chose to write about this time period?*What elements can you change to make Realistic Fiction become Science Fiction?*Can you describe real life events that a realistic fiction author might include in a book about sixth graders?*Apply a scoring rubric to this piece of work..Explain why you are assigning each score.

HOTS Directions:Create four HOTS questions that relate to the four genres you have placed on your glog. Go to three other people's (including Mrs. Rigel's) and answer their HOTS questions by commenting on their glog.


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