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glog-9027 Edit this form34 responsesView all responsesSummaryprovides library materials for my lessons. [Mrs. Pryde]Always2265%Frequently824%Sometimes39%Rarely13%Never00%maintains and adequate amount of up-to-date instructional materials for my subject area. [Mrs. Pryde]Always2471%Frequently926%Sometimes13%Rarely00%Never00%collaborates with me on lessons/units. [Mrs. Pryde]Always1956%Frequently515%Sometimes721%Rarely26%Never13%teaches with me on collaborative lessons/units. [Mrs. Pryde]Always1853%Frequently515%Sometimes412%Rarely39%Never412%welcomes individuals, groups, and classes. [Mrs. Pryde]Always3191%Frequently39%Sometimes00%Rarely00%Never00%maintains a user-friendly library. [Mrs. Pryde]Always3294%Frequently26%Sometimes00%Rarely00%Never00%is open to new ideas and suggestions. [Mrs. Pryde]Always3091%Frequently26%Sometimes13%Rarely00%Never00%works effectively with students. [Mrs. Pryde]Always2988%Frequently39%Sometimes13%Rarely00%Never00%serves as a resource person for staff. [Mrs. Pryde]Always3191%Frequently26%Sometimes13%Rarely00%Never00%helps students develop an interest in reading. [Mrs. Pryde]Always3191%Frequently26%Sometimes13%Rarely00%Never00%How is the library excelling?Always available and willing to help! Great individuals to work with and very helpful with students and staff! Very accessible. The library is a great resource of "resources" for the students. Not only can they go there for information, but they are also finding it to be a place to relax and have some fun too (with the checkers, poetry, etc) The staff are all WONDERFUL!!!!! friendly helpful listens to ideas resourceful Great, helpful staff at ANY time!!! We appreciate you all... :) Mrs. Pryde and the library staff have made our library a welcoming, positive place to be! Students and staff love to be there! The library has become a major life-line to technical projects. an open, friendy atmosphere with a knowledgable staff and plenty of resources I so appreciate the atmosphere of the library. Students are welcome and can use the space to get work done, check out books, etc. I appreciate how you and Mrs. Miller are willing to help and assist us all. You truly have become the center of our school. Your hard work is appreciated. I don't take my classes to the library to use, but I know that if I need to the staff would accommodate my needs. The library at WMS is excelling because of the wonderful staff. Kelly, Ramona and Vanessa keep the school running! They go out of their way to do everything for the faculty and staff. Mrs. Pryde makes the environment welcoming for the students. Kids actually want to go to the library...say what??? Always asking for input and ways to be improved. The library is meeting the needs of all students and teachers. Technology and knowledge of technology/appearance of materials is inviting/open to the students at all times/friendly staff Our Library Staff always puts students and staff as a priority! They go above and beyond on anything I have asked for. Outstanding job in the library. Kelly and Ramona are both very helpful and enjoyable to work with. Thank you for all your hard work. Mrs. Pryde and Mrs. Miller are always willing to help in any way. They welcome kids and adults into the library. Willingness to go above and beyond... They make it so easy to get you things that you need. Flexibility is their middle name. We couldn't be luckier, we have the best librarian ever. I appreciate the staff in the library. They go above and beyond to help out the students and myself. I appreciate their flexibility and friendliness.What improvements would you like to see next school year?more laptops for classrooms. More desktop computers for "drop-in" working students More technology...:) More technology availability More technology would be amazing! More computers! more technology for classroom use Keep up the good work. The only improvement I can suggest would be to have more supervision in the library (by teachers/staff assignments) to help the load of students who like to be there in the morning. This year is much better, but I'm sure they could use the help. Also, maintaining the volume would a mild suggestion as many students do like to really use the library as a place to study and read (not necessarily socialize). Need a class set of computers in the library. Continue to improve the book options as you have been. I don't use the computer lab or carts because they are checked out and it is frustrating. More laptops, computers or ipad lab. Snacks for teachers. Maybe massages. Definitely beneigts. none None. Keep up the great work! hard copy reference books need to come back into the library/technology is great but with when computers aren't available students still need to know how to access information from books/better control of the students when they are in the library...students are often yelling across the room, running behind the book stacks while the media center specialist is at her computer (especially before school)/more computers and devices for the students/showcases outside the library need to be maintained better More access to technology More COMPUTER CARTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I look forward to having more technology. At times it is not available to use.Do you have any comments/suggestions?you 3 gals do a great job! Thank you Mrs. Miller and Mrs Pryde for all you do! Leave a couple of library computers open with a sign or banner saying they are reserved as a resource for students to use destiny quest. Sometimes other classes have those computers reserved for their classroom and visting students cannot use them to look up a call number or to renew their books. more technology for classroom use NO Mrs. Pryde is truly an amazing educator! We really are so very lucky to have her. Her energy, passion, flexibility, visibility (volunteers to help with so many committees/projects)...she is just a rare gem. Mrs. Cohron -- what a wonderful addition. So friendly and kind. Love having her aboard. Mrs. Miller -- another fantastic part of the library. Efficient, flexbile, works to help students (the whole child, by the way). She is wonderful. I absolutely love using the library and computer lab for my classes. It's a safe environment. It's the people who work there that make it great. coffee bar in back for teachers :) JK Thank you for doing such a great job of shuffling our plethora of technology (yeah, right). You do an amazing job of getting teachers what they need...THANK YOU!! Keep Up the great work! None it is disturbing to see the amount of books/dvds that are being taken out of the media center at an alarming rate/when an older book is requested we are borrowing from other libraries in the district/ Do not let them go anywhere !! Make it so you can see whether a computer is in on one screen on the computer, rather than going cart by cart by lab, iMacs, etc...Number of daily responses



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