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Josephand the Coat of Many Colors

Faith, Loyalty,and Betreyal

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BetrayalWhen Joseph was only around 15 years old he went on a journey with his brothers and they killed one of the sheep they were herding. Soon after they cooked it and Joseph tolded his father, Jacob, who was furiuos with the other boys. The boys were so mad at Joseph they decided to throw him in a pitt to teach him a lesson. A couple of hours later a slave owner was passing by and tey said that there was a boy in a well that they wanted to sell. Joseph was so devistated that his brothers betrey him.

The slave owner brought Joseph to Egypt where he was a slave for about 5 years. Then one Potiphar could not read his direction to his project. Joseph read them to him and everyone was amazed because during that time slaves were unable to know how to read.



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