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he died june 25,2009 in los angles california

michel jackson was born Agust 29,1959 in gary indiana

Michel jackson didint really had a childhood because he didint really have one because he was always working and practicing. the jackson five got started to early,when michel was 10 that he wasent able to have a regular childhood like everyone else.

His life as an adult michel jackson didint really git well with his father because behind the scenes,joseph jackson pushd his sons to succeed.And he was reportedly know to became violent with them.

Michel married lisa and presley and they had two cildren

Michel jackson jobs was an actor and a singer


learnd that michel jackson was a good gay and hes dad was really mean with his sons.He was a great singer and a good songwriter .I learnd alot about michel jackson.

Michel is famous because he was a singer ,a songwriter,and a dacer.



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