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*Start with a project that is manageable. Create a project that can be realistically completed in a couple of class periods. * Be clear about your expectations for the project. * Develop necessary materials to assist students with the project such as a suggested timeline for project, a sample finished project, etc. * Create a rubric for assessment before students begin project to guide their work. *Ensure that the project being created is meaningful to student learning. Projects that are created just for “project sake” are not effective for student learning and achievement. * Create projects that showcase real-world learning and experiences to help prepare students for real world application. Presented by Dr. Doug DeVillier

Getting Started in a Project- Based Classroom

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Ideas for the Classroom to Engage Students in Their Learning Using Digital Cameras: • Alphabet Books • Parts of Speech Scavenger Hunt • Geometrical Concepts • Antonyms and Synonyms • Fractions • Visual Book Reports • Pictures of steps in science experiments • Reenactment of time periods, battles in history, important events from stories • Create a visual to accompany math word problems Creating Movie Maker or PhotoStory: • Digital storytelling for concepts in social studies or English • Teach Sequential Order • Explain steps in science experiment • Illustrate and explain vocabulary terms in science or social studies (mass/density, motion, waves, Civil War, Civics) • Create a commercial with propaganda to persuade audience • Create a visual dictionary with image and definition • Develop a digital story that discusses such topics as social injustices, freedoms as citizens, importance of safety in labs Interactive PowerPoints: • Review games for any topic/content • Identify story elements (setting, conflict, characters, etc.) • Q & A for biography/autobiography topics • Q & A informational manual for topics/content • Foreign language for vocabulary • Virtual museum for various social studies or science topics • Map skills review • Any topic that requires students to make some choices in answers Helpful How-To Instructions Hyperlinking in Word Steps to follow: 1. Type information on pages within your document 2. Create your bookmarks with appropriate titles 3. Highlight section that you want hyperlinked. 4. Click on hyperlink in the insert menu and set location. Making PowerPoint Interactive Instead of Linear Steps to follow: 1. Create your slides with information 2. Right click on object or text that you want hyperlinked 3. Choose the location where you want the project to go when the person clicks on the object 4. When everything is linked, click “Set up Show” 5. Click “Browsed as a Kiosk” 6. Run Show



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