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"The Plains Sports And Games."

"What The Plains Indians Did For Fun"The plains had to have fun like us so they played games like us hear are some examples hokey, soccer, lacrosse and the girls played with dolls too learn life skills. The plains Indians played together and went to school together and worked around the house together. The boys liked to go hunting with other boys and fishing. Most of the boys went fishing not really the girls. The girls wash the dishes, clean the clothes, set the table and pick the berries. The whole tribe could all have fun.By: Carter and Sean

Plains games By Ryder Today I would like to tell you about the plains games. The games help them learn life skills. For boy’s they will play a game called hoop poll . the girls’ would play with dolls’ the game hoop pole helps’ them learn to hunt . doll’s help them learn how to take care of children. they also have small tipi’s that the girl’s set up so they know how when they grow up thank you for the time.Colman Bob Life in a plains camp

The importance of plains gamesBy: Sam and JoeWe are going to tell you about the importance of the plains games. Team games were good for warfare because it helps them learn how to work as a team. A lot of the plains games are played today. Most of the Indian kids needed to do more chores in the day and didn’t have a lot of play time because they needed to help the adults. The girls made really small teepees so when they grow up they can make really big ones the reason they do this is because when they grow up they help the boys with lots of things like making teepees. They used buck skin to make the hoop for the hoop game. I hope you like our advice about the importance of plains gamesKolman, Bob.Life in a plains camp.



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