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Every HeartEvery MindEvery Day!

October 23 Bike RodeoOct. 24 End of First 9 WeeksOctober 31 -Report Card Day

Welcome to Mrs.Kusenberger's 2nd Grade Classroom!

Room 46cbarre@neisd.netSchool Phone=407-4800fax=657-8754Conference Time=8:45-9:40

This is my husband, Bobby, and my daughter Danielle. Danielle is in middle school now! We went on a vacation to St. Maarten this summer and had a fantastic time!

Items we run out of: pencilsprncil top erasersglue sticksexpo markers

Wish List !**Ziplock Baggies Quart Size & Gallon Size**Treasure Box Items (kids meal toys, Dollar Store)

"Longs Creek, where effort is the beginning of success!"and..."Every child, every day."


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