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Unit 7 - Key Concept 5

Vocabulary: conservation, deforestation, desertification, habitat destruction, invasive species, natural resources, pollution, urbanization

Florida Everglades Landscapes. Introduction:The Florida Everglades are a beautiful and exciting biome. Specific species of plants and animals are found within each tropic level of the Everglades. Throughout the novel, The Missing 'Gator of Gumbo Limb, the author provides vidid details about the surroundings of Gumbo Limbo Hole. To help you better understand the fragile balance and wonderful beauty of the setting of the novel, you will explore the Florida Everglades and become familiar with all of the tropic levels of a Tropical Hammock and Everglade. Each page must include interesting and descriptive details about each landscape. Diagram the details of each landscape to illustrate your information.Page 12 - Hardwood Hammock and PinelandsPage 13 - Mangroves and Coastal LowlandsPage 14 - Freshwater Slough and Freshwater Marl PrairiePage 15 - Cypress and Marine/Estuarine.Page 16 - Animal and Plant. Choose an animal and a plant that lives in the Everglades. Remember to include important and interesting information about your animal and plant accompanied by a drawing of the animal and plant.

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Endangered or Invasive Species PosterIntroduction:In the novel, The Missing 'Gator of Gumbo Limbo, Liza K. is very concerned about Dajun's disappearance. Liza K. realizes that the tropical hammock is a very special place that is also home to endangered plants and animals. The novel also mentions the deivstating effects of invasive species, such as Hydrilla to the tropical hammock. The introduction of invasive species of plants and animals has created problems that effect both plants and animals of the Everglades and beyond. To help your further understand the importance that Dajun plays in the balance of the Everglades ecosystem and the devastating effects of invasive species, you will research and learn more about an endangered animal or plant or invasive animal or plant that is found in the Florida Everglades.Page 17 - Endandered or Invasive Species (Plant or Animal) Research an endangered or Invasive Species that is found in the Everglades. Create a mini poster informing others about your organism. Be sure to include: * Animal Group of your species (mammal, bird, reptile, amphibian, fish or plant.) * Common Name and Scientific Name * 5 Interesting Facts * Neatly colored drawing of organism. * Websites where you got your information

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Page 18 - Population Puzzle. Complete the Discovery Education Virtual Lab. There are five things you need to do. 1. Use the Resources in this page to get some background information.2. Write a question you can test in the Experiment lab.3. Write a hypothesis about what you think will happen – and why.4. Write out the procedure you will follow in your experiment. Describe the data you will collect and how you will use the tools in the lab.5. Present your plan to your teacher. Once your plan has been approved, you can go to the Experiment lab and begin your experiment. Describe the data you will collect and how you will use the tools in the lab. Record your results.

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Back Page: Brainpop Quiz answers and results. 1. Ecosystems, 2. Food Chains, 3. Camouflage, 4. Symbiosis, 5. Population Growth, 6. Humans & the Environment.



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