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April ,1835We just left our homes people are sad kids are waving goodbye to there homes, we traved on foot and wagons pulled by Oxen.I am the only person in my family who left, my mom and dad did not leave so they were forced into slavery.I saw lots of birds and a very strange animal called (awie) or Elk my friends mom told me the story.Befor we left all I had time to take with me was a few pairs of clothes and my favorite stuffed animal.I wear my favorite sleveless dresses every day, they are made out of deer skin.The men are different they wear simpil skin belts until they are married.Along the trail I see almost about 20 people get thron out of the wagons each day.The trip is geting harder and harder but we stop some times to catch some supper like fish or deer. We went along some Indians who wernt to happy to see us but our Cheef Fire Head explained it and let us pass . the way we lostalot alot of alot of tools i can't name all of them . Our journey started in Georgia 1828 and ended in The Indian Territory 1838 this was a sad time about 4,000 people died.Remember all the pain we went through.



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